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So why call Roundtree Bonding Agency when you need a Gilchrist County bail bonds agency to bond someone out of the County jail?

Roundtree Bonding Agency has been writing bonds in Trenton, as well as all of the jails in all the of north and central Florida counties, probably longer than ANY bail agent in this part of Florida has been in business.

There has NEVER been one complaint filed with the state against the company in over a 55 year period and that is a pretty amazing legacy.

Established in Gainesville in 1956, Roundtree Bonding’s owner Rick Roundtree has been a licensed bail agent since 1978, and partner Sean Thomas has been in the bail bond business since 1996.

To find out more about us, or about the bail bond process in Gilchrist County, call us today at (352) 376-6645

Things you should know about Gilchrist County bail bonds:

First appearance in Gilchrist County usually takes place every week day at 8:30, while on the weekends, it may be a little later that 8:30 because defendants there are first appeared by a circuit-wide first video with a judge in Gainesville. To learn more about first appearance, go to what is a first appearance hearing.

In Trenton, once a bail bond has been written, it usually takes one hour or less after the bond is turned in at the jail for the person bonded to be released.

The Bond Hearing

If bond is set to be too high, or if a bond is denied at first appearance, the jailed person (usually through his attorney) can schedule what’s called a bond hearing, where hopefully the judge that will eventually hear the case will reconsider the bond amount and lower it. To read more about this, see bail bond too large, what your options include.

Co-signing on a bail bond

If you are asked to co-sign on a bond, and you have questions about what you’re getting yourself into, go to what you should consider before co-signing on a bail bond.
Welcome to Gilchrist County Bail Bonds. With over 50 years of experience in the bail bond industry, Roundtree Bonding is ready and able to assist you in getting your family member or friend out of jail.

We’re here to help you and your family

If a friend or family member is being detained in the Gilchrist County Jail, here are some things that you can do to speed up the Gilchrist County Bail Bonds Process.

  1. Call our office toll free at (352) 376-6645
  2. Be ready to give us the defendant’s full name, bond amount and the county the charges are in. If you have DOB or a booking number, this will also help.
  3. Once we have your information, as well as the defendant’s information, and all bonding related paperwork is filled out and signed, we can then bond your person out of jail.

Gilchrist County Bail Bonds Resources and Maps:

Gilchrist County Jail
9239 South US 129
Trenton, FL 32693


Gilchrist County Jail Inmate Search: Search Now
Booking number: 352/463-3490

Directions to the Gilchrist County Courthouse in Trenton, Florida

Courthouse address: 112 S. Main Street, Trenton  32693
Phone number: 352/463-3170 (or toll free 800/267-3182)

Public defender address: 353 S. Court Street, Bronson 32621
phone number: 352/486-6760
State attorney address: 112 S. Main St., Suite 218, Trenton 32693
phone number: 352/463-3406

Gilchrist County Clerk’s Office Website

Gilchrist County Courthouse Location:

Communities, Colleges and attractions covered by Gilchrist-Trenton

Santa Fe River, Fanning Springs

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Main Office Gainesville:
410 S.E. 4th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
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