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Roundtree Bonding Agency as been serving all of the Marion County Bail Bonds needs for more than 50 years.

Owner Rick Roundtree has been in the bail bond business since 1978 and agent Sean Thomas since 1996.

If you need the help of an Ocala Bail Bond agency, call us at (352) 376-6645. Large bond? We can help.

What happens when someone is arrested in Marion County?

When someone is arrested in Marion County, they often will have a bond amount that is set by the judge when he signs a warrant or orders a capias issued. Many defendants not arrested on a warrant or a capias may be able to bond out on a bond from the jail’s bond schedule.

Some people arrested on certain charges, however, will need to see a judge the next day at a hearing called “First Appearance.” For more information, see: What is a first appearance hearing?

If someone has a bond set so high that they don’t think they can afford to pay for a bondsman to get them out, there are a couple of choices available to that person. One, he or his attorney can try to get a bond hearing scheduled so that the judge hearing the case will hopefully reconsider and lower the bail amount. Or, you could ask a bail bondsman for some time to pay part of the fee. (for more information about what your choices are if a bail bond is too large, see: What your options are if a bail bond is too large.

Should you co-sign on a Marion County bail bond?

You may be asked to co-sign on a bail bond. Know what this entails-it could cost you hundreds or thousand of dollars if things go wrong.  For more info, go to what you should consider before co-signing on a bail bond.

Here’s some tips before starting the Marion County bail bond process:

If a friend or family member is being detained in the Marion County Jail, here are some things that you can do to speed up the Marion County Bail Bonds Process:

  1. Call our office toll free at (352) 376-6645
  2. Be ready to give us the defendant’s full name, bond amount and the county the charges are in. If you have DOB or a booking number, this will also help.
  3. Once we have your information, as well as the defendant’s information, and all bonding related paperwork is filled out and signed, we can then bond your person out of jail.

Marion County Bail Bonds Resources and Maps:

Marion County Jail
700 N.W. 30 Avenue
Ocala, FL 34475


Marion County Jail Inmate Search: Search Now

Booking number: 352/351-8077


Directions to the Marion County Courthouse in Ocala, Florida

The Marion County Courthouse address is 110 N.W. 1 Avenue in Ocala.
The phone number for the clerk of court is 352/671-5604.

The Marion County jail address is 700 N.W. 30 Avenue, Ocala, and the booking number is 352/351-8077

Marion County Clerk’s Office Website

Marion County Courthouse Location:

Communities, Colleges and attractions covered by Marion-Ocala

Cental Florida Community College, Dunnellon, Belleview, Weirsdale, Ocklawaha River, Silver Springs, Silver River, Ocala National Forest, Lake George, Juniper Springs Run, Alexander Springs Run

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